Insoles / Orthotics
Insoles / Orthotics

“The body functions as one unit, [and] if one member of the body does not function well, the whole body suffers. By treating the whole body, not just one part, we can alleviate the problem.”— Georg Alzner

Podiatrists have molded custom orthotics to address patients foot malformations. Over the years they have developed numerous means to create the basis for their molds; plaster casts, foam box impressions, or three-dimensional computer imaging.

Being on your feet for long periods of time can be painful for your entire body. Whether it’s for work or fun, you want to be sure to find the best insoles for standing all day to feel comfortable committing to long stretches on your feet. For those with conditions like flat feet or plantar fasciitis, using the best insoles for standing is really a must. If you’ve ever found yourself missing work because of foot or back pain or turning down fun social activities because you can’t be on your feet that long, you know how important it is to find a reliable solution.

The Benefits of Wearing Insoles or Orthotics While Standing All Day

Standing all day, every day can have long-lasting effects on your body—beyond pain and stiffness the next morning. Consistently being on your feet for more than five hours a day can spell serious trouble down the road, increasing your risk of long-term back pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Regularly wearing insoles can help to:

  • Improve poor posture
  • Prevent varicose veins
  • Reduce back pain
  • Provide joint relief

Insoles can alleviate some of your day-to-day pain. But they can also help protect you from experiencing these long-term conditions later in life.

How Insoles and Orthotics Work

Insoles or orthotics play a major role in supporting your feet and body through long periods on your feet and keeping you at your best both now and for years to come. The two main ways insoles  and orthotics benefit you is through cushioning and support. Cushioning absorbs the shock that results in pain and fatigue, and support helps you maintain good posture and improves the alignment and balance of your feet. Orthotics and Insoles provide a framework so that every curve of your foot is in the correct position. This makes everything easier on your body and relieves temporary pain while protecting your long-term health.

Insoles come in a wide variety and are often times designed to treat specific foot conditions.

Choosing the Best Insoles for Standing All Day

select the insole that conforms to your feet and your life! Here are a few elements to look out for when choosing an insole:

  • Make sure it fits the type of shoes you wear most often. Select a thick insole for work boots and a thin, flexible insole for athletic shoes.
  • Check that the type of support the insoles offer is what you need. If you have high arches, look for something with good arch support.
  • Be sure the level of cushioning is right for you. If you need lots of shock absorption, find soft a soft gel insole or one with extra cushion in the heel. If you need firm support to keep your feet aligned, look for a sturdy insole with plastic plates.

Find the insole that’s right for you, and stop wondering whether you’ll suffer from foot or back pain after a long day of standing. Never turn down a job you love or an exciting adventure with friends and family because of foot pain. Grab a pair of insoles, and journey on!

Insole for high heels

There is a constant struggle between looking professional and being comfortable—especially when high heels are involved. Dress to impress without punishing your feet! These insoles are designed specifically for high heels. They’re made of clear silicone so they stay in place and match your shoes. So next time you’re at an important conference or running around the office, you’ll look and feel fabulous.

Specialising in biomechanics, sports pathology and care for the diabetic foot, we offer a wide range of services ranging from the treatment of all conditions of the skin, nails, bone pathology and soft tissue.

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